Sunday, April 4, 2010

We had a great Easter. We had a great time coloring eggs on Saturday and then we went for a bike ride Sunday morning. We had a good Easter lunch and then a nap and then we had an egg hunt. We hid about 160 eggs. They were all filled with candy and other goodies. The kids had a great time. It was a great weekend with wonderful weather. I wish it would last a few more days. Anyway, back to work, school and life!

Enjoy the pictures!

Alana coloring eggs.

Skyler coloring eggs.

Daddy coloring eggs.

Brayden watching all the action.

Momma on the bike pulling Brayden. Momma is out of shape and didn't last too long. But it was really fun while it lasted: )

Alana and Skyler in Daddy's trailer.

Brayden: )

Egg hunting.

Brayden just sat around and watched the egg hunters.

Sweet boy: )

Skyler and Alana got polish in the eggs so Skyler took it upon herself to pain her toes.

This is the wonderful job she did.

Thankfully daddy helped finish the job for her.