Sunday, July 27, 2008

We had a great time this weekend. It was hot, so we got out the sprinkler. We bought the girls a new sprinkler this weekend. It is hard to see in the pictures but it is basically a hose with a bunch of little flexible hoses coming out of it. When the water comes out of the hoses it sprays in every direction. It was a new experience for us all because when you go up to it to try and fill up something with water, you constantly get sprayed in the eye. There were about a dozen little hoses coming out of it, so you couldn't grab them all and aim them where ever you wanted. You could grab a couple, and that was about it. All the other ones hit you in the face. It was fun, though. We had a fun time.

Alana doing to her signature pose.

This was just a cute picture of Skyler sleeping. She has a death grip on her blankie.

Have a great week!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Alana had her Pre-K graduation at her daycare on Friday. It started out fine when they were walking in, but she got freaked out and started crying after she sat down. She wouldn't sing or say any of the things that the class had practiced. After half way through the ceremony, she did stop crying but she still did not say anything or participate in any way. She said she was scared of all the people, which is so not like her. All of you that know her know that she is a very outgoing person who doesn't know a stranger. We will be walking through Walmart and she just starts talking to people that are walking by. We were pretty shocked by her reaction. Below are some pictures that we got. You can see all faces throughout the ceremony.

This is her walking in.

This is just after she sat down and she started crying.

And here is some more crying.

This is when she stopped crying, but wouldn't say anything.

Still not talking.

This is when she got her award for being the most outspoken person in the class. Go figure.

This is when she was getting her diploma from Miss Darlene (the owner/director of the daycare). She is still not happy.

And this is afterward. She finally cheered up when she got around us.

And this is Skyler on our way home. She was pooped and she fell asleep with the duck's foot in her mouth.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Skyler decided to relax in one of her chairs while watching some cartoons. I thought she looked pretty cute and then Alana posed her for a picture with her. And then Alana decided to join her in another chair. Talk about a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

It's been a rainy weekend so far. We haven't gotten to go outside and play much. But we have had fun inside instead. Alana was pushing Skyler around in the baby doll stroller. She is just about getting too big to ride in it. Of course Alana is too big but that doesn't stop her.

Skyler has learned a new trick this weekend. She has learned how to say "mine" which comes out sounding like "my". For example, if Alana tries to take a toy away from her, she pulls it to herself and says mine. It is pretty cute until she started to get a hold of my things and she said "mine" when I tried to take them away. She wasn't happy when I did take them away. Oh well, it is all a learning process for her.

Below are just a few pictures from this weekend. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

We had a fun 4th of July weekend. We went to a friends house on the 4th and watched them set off some fireworks. It was a good time. But the girls favorite part was the little animals they had. They had two chihuahua and two little kitties that were very friendly. Alana and Skyler loved them. They were just the right size.

On Saturday we got out in the sprinkler. It was a fun time had by all.

Skyler got sprayed in the face and she didn't like it too much.