Sunday, February 6, 2011

These are pictures from Chrismas.

Braydo in time out. He wasn't happy.

Ashy playing with her Sing-a-ma-jig.

After the tree went up we had to block it off because Bray would pull on the orniments and pull the tree down. Little stinker.

Putting the angle on the tree. They all weren't happy about it.

Crabby children.

Mom and dad.

All the girls. This is the best picture we got.

The boys.

Our sweet children: )

More pictures from Halloween.

Alana and Skyler got their hair cut off last month.

We actually got some snow around here this winter. The girls were throwing snowballs at me:)

Daddy fell asleep during movie night.

Ashy learning to move around.

Finally! A post from the Schmits! Here are some pictures from Halloween and other random stuff from this past fall and winter. Enjoy!

Decorating pumpkins.

The trick-o-treaters.

Ashtyn chewing on her toes.

Sweet baby: )

Having fun an Chuck-e Cheese.

Alana posed with Chucky but Skyler didn't want to.