Monday, May 18, 2009

OMG! I know that it has been a very long time since we updated the blog. We have been busy with the kids. It is hard to get the every day stuff done, let alone update the blog. But, here are some pictures of the kids. The top ones start out at about Easter and the last ones were from a couple of days ago. Brayden is doing great. At his one month check up, he was 11 lbs and 7 oz. His two month check up was today and he weighs 13 lbs and 9 oz. He is a very happy and healthy baby boy.

Enjoy the pictures!

Coloring eggs at Easter.

Brayden loves his car seat buddy.

Alana lost her first tooth! She was so excited! The Tooth Fairy left her $5.00.

Brayden sucking his thumb. I catch him sucking on it a couple of times a day. The doc said today that we need to put a stop to it sooner rather than later. Getting a baby to stop sucking his thumb is way easier than getting a toddler to stop sucking his thumb. It is still so cute when he does it!

Silly girls.

Alana and one of her signature poses. That is paint on her face. Her last day of school is tomorrow. We are all pretty excited.

We got Brayden a nice, new swing before he was born. He doesn't like it, but he likes this 12 year old swing we got used before Alana was born. Go figure. Oh well.

The three kids outside swinging.

Almost got a picture of him smiling here. Just a little too slow.

More thumb sucking. Too cute!

The boys.