Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy third birthday Skyler........two days ago! She's so big now! It is so weird to see pictures of her way back when she was born to now. Brayden looks so much like her! They could have been twins! Anyway, for her birthday, I attempted to make a Barbie cake for her actually turned out pretty good! I made it with four layers of white cake, which I colored four different colors, and vanilla icing with purple food coloring. The cake was a bit off and not real symmetrical all the way around, but it still turned out pretty well and the kids thought it was awesome! She got lots of great toys that she has thoroughly enjoyed playing with. She even has let Alana and Brayden play with them this weekend! Here are the pictures from her party with the family on Friday. It was a good time. Enjoy the pictures!

The camera was sitting on the table and I just thought it was a neat angle.

Alana helping open presents.

Modeling her princess jewelry.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big things have been going on around here. Our little Brayden turned one year old on March 19, 2010! Can't believe it has been one year since he was born! Below are some pictures of his party we had with the fam at home on Friday. I made some rainbow cupcakes that Erica told me about. They were pretty awesome and turned out really pretty.

Alana has been on Spring break all week and Chris also took the week off. We had a big "honey-do" list but we didn't get nearly as much done as we wanted because we bought the kids a new swing set/playhouse early in the week. It took about 35 man/woman hours to build. It is pretty awesome and the kids love it! We've had great weather and have spent most of the week outside. But today it has been raining like crazy and we have been couped up inside. Chris and I have had lots of aches and pains this week from all the work we have done so it was good that we did relax our bodies today. We did also get our garage cleaned out, which was way over due, and we got a bunch of miscellaneous stuff pressure washed. It has been a busy week, but we did get quite a bit done. We are very sad that it is over, but Alana has more to learn in school and Chris has got to make the money!

Enjoy the pictures!

We were singing to Brayden and he was crying. We think he got a bit spooked because we turned out the lights and were singing to him.

First taste of the cake.

He likes it!

Not too messy.

Rainbow cupcake with white frosting and sprinkles.

A couple of little truck he got from grama and grampa.

He has a thing for brooms so we got him his very own broom that plays songs. He loves it!

Birthday kisses from daddy.

The start of the building of the swing set/playhouse. Our friend Steve was kind enough to come over and help us for a while. It was a big help!

Day two of the build. Brayden is supervising.

Me doing my part with my girls watching intently.

Eating dirt.

Alana helping daddy.

Brayden loves the drill.

Helping daddy.

First climb up the rock wall.

Skyler actually made this huge step up the wall.

Loving the swings.

Brayden helping dig the hole for the pole for the slide.

Digging the hole with the girls and Jake watching.

Brayden in the hole.

Skyler in the hole.

The finished product. Pretty awesome.

We've had a few picnics outside with all the warm weather we have had lately. And yes, Chris and I squeeze into the little picnic table with the girls.

Brayden being silly.

Alana's teeth. She has lost a total of six teeth so far. The bottom two teeth that are just now coming in are way crooked. We definitely see braces in her future.

This was Skyler tonight. She put ointment on Teddy because she said he had boo boos. Too funny. You can see a belt is hanging from his collar. She hooks him up and leads him around. Don't think he likes it too much but he goes along with it.