Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brayden figured out how to climb up the ladder to the play house this past week. He can climb up really well, but he can't get down at all. He thinks and he tries to get down on his own. He will go to the ladder or the rock wall and try to climb down like he climbs down the couple of steps to the deck. He doesn't understand that the play house is much higher and a lot different to get down than just a couple of regular steps. Oh well...we knew this would happen at some point. It just happened sooner than we thought. Silly boy: )

Yeah for Mother's Day and being 33 weeks prego!!! It has been a wonderful day. I was served breakfast in bed today and we went out to lunch at Logan's and then I got a nap and ate another great meal for supper and then had dessert, which was a warm brownie under ice cream, Ready Whip and caramel and chocolate syrup. It's been a very good, relaxing day: )

We are 33 weeks along today. Baby is doing great....I, on the other hand, am getting more and more uncomfortable as the days go by. Besides the fact that I am sleeping like crap, I have been having terrible hip pain for quite some time now. I had this kind of pain while prego with Skyler and Brayden, but this time it is much worse and lasts for most of the day. My doc prescribed me some good pain pills that help tremendously because Tylenol does not work at all. I'm not a fan of taking prescription drugs so I have only been taking a pill a couple times per week when the pain is really bad or when I know that I will be physically working harder that day and I need to get stuff done. I just don't like the thought of the baby getting the drugs so I just try to avoid them as much as I can. Because of how uncomfortable I am now, we will be inducing by 39 weeks, which will be by June 21st. That is only 6 weeks away! We are so very excited! We are pretty much ready now. We need to do some washing of some baby stuff, but other than that, I think we are prepared. We even narrowed the name pool down today for the baby. We are pretty sure we have picked out a name for a boy or a girl. We may change our minds in the next 6 weeks, but at least we have it narrowed down big time and we agree on the names.

The kids are doing really well. Alana was out of school last week due to terrible flooding around middle TN. A lot of schools in our county were flooded along with roads that were destroyed and washed away. Buses would not be able to travel around to pick up children. They are scheduled to open back up tomorrow, but we still don't know if they will have to extend the school year to make up these missed days. If they don't have to make the days up, Alana will be done with school in 2 weeks. I can't believe she is almost done with first grade and will be going into the second grade. Blows my mind how time has flown by over the years.

Skyler and Brayden are doing really well. Skyler has been a little stinker now for several months and has been pretty nasty to Brayden at times. She gets really mad at him if he plays with her stuff. Many times she has smacked him. And now Brayden has even done that to her a few times. Monkey see monkey do. Let's hope this behavior stops before the next baby arrives. We don't need Brayden smacking him/her. Other than that, Skyler is such a sweet little girl. She can be very polite and very kind to us all. Brayden is also such a sweet little boy. He is so different from the girls. He is just much more laid back than they have ever been. The girls are just much more dramatic than he is. Let's hope he doesn't pick up on that.

Chris is doing well, too. Same old, same old. He's working and being a daddy and a husband. Nothing else too exciting, which is good.

Below are some pictures from the last month. Enjoy!

30 Weeks

Alana wanted to pose like me.

This was a picture of the Target a couple of miles away from our house. What a mess is will be to clean up.

Brayden has moved from our bedroom into his new bedroom. We painted it a few weeks ago. We really like the color. It is a very bright blue. The new baby will move in with him at some point. Our babies always stay in our bedroom after they are born. It is a very bare room right now. Only the crib and his dresser and some toys are in it now. We are storing some other diapers and baby stuff in the closet, but that is it. We will work on decorating as the days go by.

So Brayden got past Chris' child proof (I used that term very loosely) barricade he had in front of the door and decided he would play in some of the white paint. Chris automatically started laughing and screaming "Get the camera!" I came running and didn't think it was as funny because I saw the paint was all around his eye....but I still took a quick picture. We threw him in the tub and washed him up. Thankfully, the paint never got into his eye.

Skyler decided to put some baby butt cream all over Teddy. I had to get my phone for this one and take a picture

We planted a garden several weeks ago and the kids decided to play in a bucket of water we had sitting next to it for watering.

Alana and Brayden love the water. Skyler is not as big of a fan as them.

Brayden crawling under the changing table.

I had to take a picture of this too. We were outside playing and somehow Brayden got caught up on this bar on the swing set. He couldn't seem to get himself stood up or flipped over the other side. It was pretty funny....not for him....he cried until I saved him. I know, terrible of me to pause and take a picture before I help him.

Skyler was helping me fold clothes and decided to try on one of Chris' shirts.

Silly boy.

He has figured out how to unlock the dog cages and he loves to play in the water and dog food. This is the first time that he actually crawled inside. Silly boy.

Skyler showing me her birthday cake with the stick candles. The girls LOVE to dig in the dirt and find worms and other little creepy, crawly creatures.

Silly kids pushing Brayden in the baby stroller.

Sweet Skyler: )

Brayden has always loved the dishwasher. He now loves to climb in it. Again, silly boy.

Sweet kids: )

Riding in the car.

33 weeks prego!

Mother's Day pictures with my kiddos. This was the best one we got. It is hard to make three kids sit still and smile at the same time.