Sunday, June 13, 2010

We've had all kinds of stuff going on around here since we last updated. I guess about a month ago I went to the dentist to get a broken tooth/filling fixed. The dentist said I needed a crown on the tooth, which I expected. I had to go back the next business day and they would fix it for me. I did and they tried numbing me up and the tooth still hurt. The dentist decided I needed a root canal, but she couldn't do it in her office so she had to send me to a specialist. I went to this other office across town and they took x-rays before they started and they told me that I'm sure my dentist told me that since the filling broke so low and the cavity below it was right at my gum line, I would need crown lengthening before I could get a crown put on. I said they didn't mention a thing about it either time I was in the office, but I would deal with that after I got the root canal. They did the root canal and I went back to the original dentist and I told them what the other dentist said about needing crown lengthening. The dentist didn't have a clue that I would need it. I even knew I needed it after the second dentist showed me the x-rays. Anyway, I was referred to a periodontal surgeon for the crown lengthening. Crown lengthening consists of the gum tissue and some bone being removed from around the tooth that needs a crown. You need to have some tooth all the way around to be able to put a crown on and for it to stay on long term. They did the procedure and it was incredibly painful that evening and I very limited on what I could eat for several days. Not fun at all. But it has healed and I have since been back to see them 3 times for check-ups and to get the stitches removed. At the last visit they said some of the tissue has rebounded and I have to go back on Wednesday and they will laser the tissue down. Once that has healed, I will be able to get the crown. I will definitely not be going back to my original dentist.....she doesn't seem to have a clue.

Not long after the whole tooth thing started, I ended up getting a severe case of poison ivy. I have an idea when I ran into it and I know I didn't touch much of it, but my body had a secondary response to it. It started all over my thighs and some on the bottom part of my legs and on my upper arm. I did take some pictures, but I think I will spare you all. It wasn't pretty. After about a week and a half of it continuing to spread to both arms and more on my legs, stomach, chest, neck and up on to my face, I saw a doc for a second time and she prescribed some steroids to take for a couple of weeks. I also started taking Zyrtec for the TERRIBLE itching. The meds helped and it has mostly gone away now. My skin is still discolored where it was the worst on my legs and arms. I'm afraid it is permanently scarred. Let's hope it goes away in the next few months. It also still itches some and I continue to take Zyrtec, which does help. Anyway, Chris and the kids will tell you I was pretty miserable for quite a while. Not fun at all.

Okay, on to some good stuff. We bought a minivan a couple of weeks ago. Love it!!! Chris has the Pathfinder now and we are working on selling his Explorer. It was time for us to get a second vehicle that will seat four children. Our fourth child is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, June 17, 2010! We are soooooo very excited and I am soooooo ready not to be prego anymore. I have had some terrible aches and pains this pregnancy and now I am just exhausted. This has definitely been the worst pregnancy on my body. I am just really ready for this little one to be on the outside. Chris' aunt Robin is flying in on Wednesday and will be here for a week to help with the kids. So excited for her to arrive! I know Chris is going to love to have the help with the kids while he is going back and forth from the hospital. Chris' sister has also been staying with us for the last couple of weeks and she will be moving to Colorado to live with Rich and Robin in the next week or two. We've had a full house here for a while and it will just continue to fill up this week! Chris is off of work for the next two weeks, which is wonderful! He knows I'm not physically capable of doing as much as I was and he has really picked up the slack. It's been great. Only a few more things to do and we will be ready for baby! Yeah!

They kids have been doing well and they are very ready for baby to arrive and for grama Robin to arrive. They love to play in the water outside. It's been been a good summer so far.

Enjoy the pictures! We won't update again until Thursday after baby arrives! Yeah!

Brayden peeking out the window of the playhouse.

Skyler: )

Water play.

The kid and the hose.

The new minivan!

Playing in the pool

Our sweet children: )

38 weeks prego today!